Synthetic Urine: Detailed Guide & Best Products

Looking for the best synthetic urine 2023? Here is the guide. Synthetic urine is incredibly popular among researchers and drug users. For researchers, they are easily available, easy to store & carry, and mimic human urine. Recreational drug users rely on it to escape testing authorities.

Let’s take a closer look at synthetic urine, how to use it, and where to buy fake pee.

What Is Synthetic Urine? Ingredients

As the name suggests, synthetic urine is manufactured to mimic the chemical and molecular properties of real human urine. The basic purpose of it is to provide easily available samples to doctors and researchers to conduct studies. As its composition can be altered with appropriate chemicals, it serves as the substrate for several medical studies.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

For synthetic urine (of say, 100ml) to be of good quality, it needs to have the following ingredients in these proportions:

  • Urea: 50-100mg
  • Creatinine: 52-320mg
  • Uric acid: 5-7mg
  • Sodium sulfate: 100-300mg
  • Potassium sulfate: 100-300mg
  • Ammonium diphosphate: 50-150mg
  • Ammonium phosphate: 50-150mg
  • Calcium chloride: 10-50mg
  • Magnesium chloride: 25-100mg

How to Plan a Test Using Fake Urine? How to pass a urine drug test?

Lots of marijuana users want to pass their drug tests. But they can’t just go and do it – THC stays in their bodies for a long time. If you wish to present the synthetic urine for the drug test, you should follow the procedure diligently and store it in the prescribed method for the best results. Here is how to prepare for a test using synthetic urine:

  1. Always buy a fake urine kit for drug test of a reputed brand well within the expiration date.
  2. Prepare the synthetic urine according to the instructions mentioned in the kit. Add only the required amount of water and mix it with the dry ingredients properly.
  3. Use the pH strip to check the pH of the solution.
  4. Now use the heating pad to bring the solution temperature up to the normal human body temperature.
  5. Submit it for the drug test.

How to Use Synthetic Urine Properly? How to Hide the Fake Urine?

Synthetic urine is available in two forms. You can either buy the powdered mix or add water into it to mimic the actual urine or you can buy the fake pee in liquid form. While using it, always follow these steps:

  1. Most employers demand instant urine samples. So, you should be prepared with a fake urine kit and a prosthetic device to hide it under your clothes.
  2. Prepare the mix carefully and use a prosthetic or a plastic device to hide it under your clothes.
  3. Transfer it into the collection box using a plastic pipe.
  4. Be sure to bring up the urine temperature around 30-37 degrees Celsius. You can either microwave it or use the heating pad that comes with the kit.
  5. Do check for the pH as well.
  6. If you are supervised, avoid bringing the fake pee kit. You may get caught and face legal action.

How to Use a Fake Urine Kit? How To Beat A Urine Drug Test With Fake Pee?

While the kit comes with a detailed instruction manual, it is important that you diligently follow the steps to get the best results. Here is how to use a synthetic urine kit without getting caught:

  1. Always buy a good quality fake urine kit and buy a prosthetic device. It helps in concealing the fake pee under your clothes. You can easily transfer it without making anything seem fishy.
  2. Prepare the solution properly. Add water only as required and mix the ingredients properly.
  3. Check for pH, temperature, color, and smell. These are the first things that a lab technician looks for.
  4. Use a hand warmer or microwave the solution to get the perfect temperature while submitting the sample. Better choose fake urine with heating pad included.

Synthetic Urine Guide

Best Synthetic Urine On The Market

When choosing synthetic urine, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that you get the best quality product. First and foremost, it should be made by a reputable company with a history of producing reliable and consistent products. Consider fake pee with heating pad, that will keep the urine at the proper temperature for testing.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the ingredients used in the product. The synthetic urine should contain a balanced pH level and specific gravity to ensure it closely mimics real urine. It’s also essential that the product contains the necessary chemicals and compounds that are typically found in urine, such as uric acid and urea.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that some synthetic urine may not pass all types of drug tests, so it’s essential to verify if the product you choose will work for the specific test you will be taking. If you do your research and choose a high-quality synthetic urine product that meets these criteria, you’ll be well on your way to passing your drug test with flying colors.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine Kit

Unlike the other market products, Testclear offers dehydrated urine. You just need to add water and warm Testclear Powdered Human Urine up to match the body temperature. Since it is technically real urine, it always passes the drug test, given you prepare it properly. It contains the same ingredients as the real urine in the same proportions.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

The major chemicals present in Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit are:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Distilled water
  • Potassium chloride
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Creatinine

The urine kit comes with powdered urine, heating pads, self-adhesive temperature strips, and a large mixing container. The urine powder has a shelf life of 2 years. So you need to use it within this time for best results. The success rate of Testclear solely depends on how you prepare it. You need to follow the instructions diligently to ensure that it has perfect specific gravity and pH.

Here are the steps to prepare the solution and how to pass drug test with synthetic urine:

  1. Prepare lukewarm water. Now empty the dehydrated urine into the mixing jar. Add lukewarm water to it.
  2. Mix it vigorously to ensure that it mixes properly.
  3. Use the temperature strip to ensure that it is between 30-35 degrees centigrade. Most urine samples fail because they are either too hot or too cold. So, ensuring that it is at the right temperature gives you instant success.


Testclear is a clear winner when it comes to the synthetic pee market. It is real pee which ensures that the user never gets caught up. It comes with a detailed instruction manual and proper accessories. Users don’t need to get anything by themselves. They just need to add water into the mixing container and heat the solution. The heating pads are active for 6 hours.

However, it lags behind its contemporaries in customer service. Several reviews point out that the product is awesome but the customer service is pathetic.

Just like its contemporaries, they sell their products online. It is recommended to buy from their online store only. You might get fake products from other websites or if you buy locally.

Pros & Cons


  • Highest success rate
  • Affordable price
  • Unisex product
  • Easy to prepare


  • Heating it may be complicated
  • Not good for supervised tests

The Urinator

The Urinator is a urine delivery device. It is a reusable, easy-to-use, and self-heating device. The Urinator comes with a pee sample, 1 urinator, 2 temperature strips, 1 syringe, and an instructions manual. You need to follow these steps with this fake pee test kit:

  • Add water to the urine sample.
  • Mix it properly.
  • Now using the syringe, transfer the content into the urinator bag. Ensure that there is no air before putting back the cap. The bag accommodates around 75-85 ml of synthetic urine.
  • Now put 2 9-volt batteries into the device and strap together both ends of the fabric. This way only the clear tube through which you will draw urine will be sticking out. The pouch is small. So you can easily sneak it under your clothes.
  • The batteries will then raise the temperature of the body to match that of the body. It is programmed to turn off if the temperature increases. It takes about 20 minutes to warm up.

The urinator is a unique kit as it relies on you making the solution beforehand and keeping it concealed under your clothes. The battery-operated system ensures that you don’t need to keep checking the temperature and can provide the sample on the go without anyone noticing anything fishy.


The Urinator is a completely different fake pee kit when compared to its market competitors. It relies on the user preparing the pee solution beforehand and then storing it for later use. This is pretty helpful when you need to give a supervised sample. So, if you are wondering how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine, the urinator is the answer.

Being concealed in your clothes, you don’t need to mix it, and drawing it out of the bag sounds like you are peeing.

However, you need to have new batteries each time you use them, as it does not provide the batteries. That could become an issue if you forget to carry them. The Urinator kit does not have any backup plan like heating pads. So, you might get caught. But otherwise, it is really easy to carry around without having to worry about the perfect temperature maintenance.

Pros & cons


  • Digitally-operated urinator kit keeps urine at the right temperature for 4 hours
  • The positive outcome as the temperature is always perfect
  • Can beat urine drug tests
  • A computer is included in the kit


  • The storage bag has no provision for strapping it around the waist
  • You need to use Duracell batteries – any others may cause failure

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

No other fake urine brand puts so much effort into mimicking human pee as Quick Fix. It comes with the usual pee constituents namely urea, uric acid, creatinine, bicarbonate ions, and vitamins.

However, it also comes with a separate product by the name of sub-solution that contains 13 biomarkers as well. If you add a sub-solution to the pee solution, even sophisticated drug tests will not detect it. It is the best fake pee for drug tests.

A typical package of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine includes:

  • 3 ounces of synthetic urine
  • Temperature strip
  • Rubber band
  • Heating pad
  • Instructions manual

Since the product is available in liquid form, you don’t need to create the solution. All you need to do is keep the solution on the heating pad, bring it to the right temperature, and then submit it for evaluation. Quick Fix boasts of 99.7% success rate. Its chemical composition closely mimics that of human pee. It has the perfect texture, pH, foam, color, and smell.


Quick Fix is different from its market counterparts as it is already in liquid form and need not be mixed. The users just need to ensure that is properly heated before submitting the sample. One can keep checking the temperature by using the strips.

Quick Fix also provides sub solution that has 1 bio-marker and it also comes with lots of prosthetic devices to ease use. With so many qualities, it is a clear choice.

Pros & cons


  • Perfect chemical composition
  • Shelf life of 18 months
  • Biologically accurate, biocide-free
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Urine can be heated and cooled multiple times


  • It can be easily detected if not heated properly
  • Difficult to use during a supervised drug test

How Is Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine Different?

The world of synthetic urines is vast. You get several products claiming to be the best. However, Quick Fix 6.3 fake pee simply stands out among them. Here are 4 ways in which it stands out from the rest:

  1. It is available in liquid form. No need to mix the ingredients, and then check for consistency and pH.
  2. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.3 has the perfect color, foam, texture, consistency, pH, and smell. You just need to ensure that the temperature is perfect while submitting. No one will be able to distinguish it from the real pee.
  3. It also comes with lots of prosthetic devices. Some labs require an assistant to be at a distance of 500m from you while collecting samples. Taking out a dry ingredients kit, then making it and transferring it to a jar can spark doubt. So, using a liquid solution using a prosthetic device
  4. It also comes with a warming kit. Most people get caught instantly because they don’t bring the fake urine to a suitable temperature. The lab technicians instantly notice the temperature. So, you must bring the solution to the perfect temperature. For this, Quick Fix 6.3 comes with a hand-warmer kit. It keeps the liquid warm and perfect for instant submission.

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

Synthetic Urine FAQ

Does Synthetic Urine Work? Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected?

Synthetic urine is designed for educational and recreational purposes. It is basically used in the lab for urinalysis. It mimics human pee and is used for conducting lab tests. Sometimes it is also used for pranks or used by gardeners to keep stray animals away from their properties.

It is not designed to be used to evade the drug authorities. It cannot be detected in the basic test. But if you run advanced analysis, some cheap and poor-quality products can be easily detected.

How to Keep Urine Warm?

You can keep it warm by using the heating pad that comes in the kit. Or you may use your body heat.

How to Make Synthetic Urine (DIY)? Is It Possible?

Making synthetic urine all by yourself is possible but that is hard and tricky. You need to make measured additions. Here is the detailed process of making synthetic urine:

Materials required:

  • Volumetric flask with a capacity of 500ml
  • Pure chemicals namely urea, uric acid, creatinine, sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate, ammonium diphosphate, ammonium phosphate, calcium chloride, and ammonium chloride
  • pH meter
  • Scale for measuring specific gravity


  1. Take the mass of the volumetric flask (m1)
  2. Now weigh the chemicals in the required mass and add them to the flask
  3. Add water to the dry chemicals measuring up to 103ml
  4. Mix the ingredients and you will get yellow-colored synthetic urine.
  5. Now measure the pH. It should ideally be between 5.5 and 8. However, with DIY, you can get it between 4 and 10
  6. Now weigh again the volumetric flask and note down its mass (m2)
  7. Calculate the specific gravity of the fake pee using the formula: specific gravity=mass2-mass2/volume
  8. It should come between 1.000 and 1.035. That indicates a good fake pee

Does Walmart or Walgreens Sell Synthetic Urine? What Stores Sell Synthetic Urine Near Me?

Yes, they do sell synthetic urine. You can easily find the stores that sell synthetic urine near me on the internet. Some people look for fake pee near me or fake urine near me. It doesn’t matter what you type in, you’ll get a positive result. It’s not hard to find, because it’s sold to gardeners who spray it over their farms or gardens to ward off stray animals. The animals pick up the urine smell and think that it is a marked territory of some other animal.

Is there any female synthetic urine kit? Is there unisex synthetic urine available?

Almost all the synthetic urine kits available in the market are unisex. That is because they are intended to be used for educational and recreational purposes. The urine-related studies do not specifically need a gendered sample. So, the kits are unisex.

Do synthetic urine belts work?

Synthetic urine belts help the users store the urine underneath their clothes and provide the sample in disguise of peeing. They are designed to cling close to the body and store the fake pee sample.

Does synthetic urine work for LabCorp urine tests? Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023?

Usually, the lab assistants do not sense anything unusual with the synthetic urine. They seldom notice the difference. However, some labs are vigilant and extra cautious. So, they often run sophisticated tests to look for biomarkers and minute chemical composition.

If you are going through the regular LabCorp urine test, you will most likely evade it with the synthetic sample. However, you will get caught with the advanced tests. Labs have lots of fake pee test kits these days.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

How many states currently have laws banning the use or sale of such synthetic products?

The use of synthetic urine is not banned by the federal laws. However, different states have put restrictions on its usage. Laws over the usage or transactions differ among states. The following states have declared the use of fake urine for evading drug tests unlawful:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Wyoming
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • New Hampshire
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • Indiana
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Oregon
  • Virginia

What is allowed?

Using fake pee for educational and recreational purposes is allowed. The fake pee companies explicitly mention that they are meant to be used for evading drug tests. Also, it can be sold only to people over 18 years of age.

 What is not?

It is illegal in many states to produce, sell, use, buy, manufacture, advertise, sell, or distribute fake pee with the claims of bypassing drug tests.