Main European prize

The winner of the main European prize in school year 2007/2008 was class 1G from school Compaen in Zaandam (The Netherlands).
The class won a trip will to Barcelona (Spain).

Here are some pictures of the winning class.

winner spain

Main prize 2006/2007: Class trip to Berlin
Winning country: Spain

The Spanish class from Guadalajara went to Berlin in June and met a German class.
The German co-ordinator for the Smokefree Class
Competition in Berlin accompanied the meeting and sent us her report.

  • In the school-year 2005/2006 there was no Main European prize draw
  • Main prize 2004/2005: Class trip to Italy
    Winning country: Romania
  • Main prize 2003/2004: Class trip to Vienna
    Winning country: France
  • Main prize 2002/2003: Class trip to Brussels
    Winning country: Wales
  • Main prize 2001/2002: Class trip to Copenhagen
    Winning country: Iceland
  • Main prize 2000/2001: Class trip to Athens
    Winning country: Finland
  • Main prize 1999/2000: Class trip to Barcelona
    Winning country: Denmark
  • Main prize 1998/1999: Class trip to London
    Winning country: Germany
  • Main prize 1997/1998: Class trip to Paris
    Winning country: Germany