Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review – Is This Fake Pee Good For Urine Drug Test?

Wondering how Quick Fix synthetic urine could help you pass a drug test? The Quick Fix synthetic urine review below will answer this question. Besides, you will also get other relevant information about the product in it.

Despite being a synthetic product, Quick Fix 6.3 plus synthetic urine has the natural attributes of organic urine. Its high demand is due to the correct composition of the ingredients of organic urine in it.

Whether you are a sportsperson or an employee, the consequences of testing positive in a drug-urine test can be far-reaching for your career. For this reason, coupled with the positive reviews of synthetic urine by Quick Fix, you may think about running a search with queries like “Quick Fix synthetic urine near me”.

If you couldn’t find correct information about Quick Fix synthetic urine on the Internet yet, you have come to the right place. Read on to know everything about the product, including the details of its manufacturer.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

What Is Synthetic Urine And Why Do You Need It?

Also known as fake pee, synthetic urine is a substance that is formulated in a laboratory. Its features resemble that of real urine because it has all the ingredients of urine produced by humans. Mostly, those users use the product who feel they cannot pass their urine test with their natural urine.

Some employees that use cannabis or other drugs, as well as sports persons, need to pass their urine tests. They use fake pee, especially when they feel passing a drug-urine test is impossible, through their organic urine. If you are one of these professionals, you may want to use fake pee for the same purpose.

With that said, you could also use it for other purposes. These include scientific testing, product testing, and diaper testing. Synthetic urine is useful for carrying out tests at the basic level for these purposes.

Many people go through this testing. Millions of Americans pass a urine drug test every year, and the number of weed users still rises.

Quick Fix Syntnetic Urine

All about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is a lab-grade fake pee that calibrates machines used for analyzing urine samples. Such machines help determine the result of a urine sample. Quick Fix synthetic urine has been in use for the last 25 years. It consists of all the essential ingredients of organic urine like creatinine, specific gravity, and a balanced pH.

If you have been reading the Quick Fix 6.3 plus synthetic urine reviews to find out the details of the product, you will get them in this detailed review.

Because it is premixed, Quick Fix Synthetic urine is suitable for versatile use. That is to say, you can use it in all kinds of situations and within short notice. A package of Quick Fix synthetic urine kit consists of the following items:

  • An elastic band
  • An instruction leaflet
  • A heating pad
  • Premixed synthetic urine vial with a temperature strip

What Makes It The Best

What makes the product the best synthetic urine of 2023 for passing a drug urine test is its exact specifications. It is unisex and it gets ready quickly.  You’d need some chemistry experience to use fake pee from other brands. However, Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in a premixed form. The product works differently compared to powdered or dehydrated urine. By warming it up to a certain temperature, you can get it ready for testing in a laboratory.

This way, it helps you get rid of the worry of mixing the ingredients. All you need to do is heat the vial so that it reaches the requisite temperature. Most customers rely on Quick Fix synthetic urine for its simplicity and ease of use.

The formulation of Quick Fix has been through many changes in the last 25 years. Though it is currently at Formulate 6.3, its transition hasn’t stopped yet. As a result, the balance of its ingredients is likely to undergo additional changes in the future to remain relevant as per the standards in the future.

Though useful, Quick Fix synthetic urine is meant for a five-panel basic urine test that doesn’t take place under supervision or strict monitoring. You can use this fake pee to pass a drug urine test only if you get an opportunity to pour it at the time of sample collection. It is not meant for tests in which you are required to give your sample by peeing under the observation of a supervisor.

With that being said, the best part is that around 95% of pre-employment tests are unsupervised. Therefore, you are likely to find Quick Fix synthetic urine useful for the majority of pre-employment tests.

The product is high in demand among its users due to the following attributes:

  • Balanced pH
  • Realistic appearance
  • Balanced amount of creatinine
  • Balanced specific gravity
  • Reliable heat pad
  • Comprises uric acid and urea, which is not commonplace in fake urine from other brands

Despite these features, it is imperative to use the product carefully. To derive the benefits of using it, you must bear its usage instructions in mind. Using it in conjunction with some other products will help you achieve the best results. You will come to know about it in the subsequent sections.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix will help you pass a urine drug test only if you use it correctly. Thus, it is imperative to know how to utilize Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test. To use it properly, you must bear a few things in mind. These include the ones given below.

  1. First, turn on the heat pad to activate it. Thereafter, wait for a few minutes so that it warms up. Meanwhile, you could make the vial. While premixing the urine to prepare it, you must ensure the right temperature of the sample. You could keep it at the right temperature only by warming it up.
  2. Take a small portion of the premixed urine (the vial) and warm it up a bit. You could use a microwave to do it. When heating the vial in the microwave, make certain that it is on full power.  Let it run for 10 to 15 seconds and then the vial out. Give it a gentle nudge and check its temperature. Look at the strip on one of the sides to find the temperature of the vial. If you see any reading, it is an indicator of the fact that the temperature of the vial is in the range of 90°F – 100°F.
  3. If the temperature of the vial is less than 100°F, take it close to 100°F. To accomplish this task, warm it up in small increments. If you are not using a microwave, you could consider using a hot tap for this purpose. Put the vial under a hot tap and after each blast, wait for 30 seconds. The 30-second gap after each blast will help you warm up the vial in small increments. Keep an eye on the temperature strip to prevent the vial from warming up above the requisite temperature.
  4. Strap the heat pad when the sample (of Quick Fix) is at the right temperature. Make certain that you utilize the elastic band that comes with the package of the product.
  5. In the last step, you need to hide the sample cleverly. As long as your drug test is unsupervised, you could rest assured that you wouldn’t be searched intimately. Make certain you wear baggy jogging bottoms.

The above steps explain how to use Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test. So far as hiding the sample is concerned, tuck it into the underwear that you wear.

To gain the confidence of a security representative during a check-up, hand over your bag and also remove your hat and coat if you wear them. Additionally, complying with their instructions will make them less likely to be suspicious of the fact that you’re using fake urine to pass drug test.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Wondering where to buy Quick Fix synthetic urine after knowing about some of its key details? You could buy it from different sources. However, Spectrum Labs is the most authentic one among them as it is the manufacturer or creator of the product. Currently, it is the only reliable source to get 100% authentic Quick Fix synthetic urine.

Another reason why you’d want to buy the product from Spectrum Labs is its quality control. Quick Fix synthetic urine goes through the advancement of formulation from time to time. Spectrum Labs keeps up with the current technical requirements to make certain that the product is up to date. This maximizes the chances of its success in the long run.

After buying the product, you do not need to worry about preparing it. The package comes premixed with all the requisite ingredients in balanced proportion. As a result, you can easily prepare synthetic urine for use.


The cost of the standard size of Quick Fix synthetic urine is $30. On the other hand, the price of Quick Fix 6.3 Plus is $40. The latter has a better formulation which helps achieve better outcomes.

For a moment, you might think of buying the product from a local retail store. However, this step may turn out to be counterproductive for you as you may end up buying a fake product under the impression of buying a genuine one. Though a single package can get your job done, you might want to buy another one just in case you need a bigger sample.

Pros and Cons

Every product has some positives and downsides. This rule is also applicable to Quick Fix synthetic urine. However, what makes it an ideal product for those who wish to pass a lab test is that its pros outweigh its cons. Some pros and cons of the product are given below.


  • Availability in premixed form
  • Does not have toxins
  • Possesses realistic pH and gravity
  • Has organic compounds that can be found in organic urine
  • Has additional urine
  • Easy to use


  • Shorter shelf life
  • Useful only for standard drug tests

Best Alternative – Powdered Human Urine

You can pass basic urine drug tests easily with the help of Quick Fix synthetic urine.  However, it is not for advanced tests. If you wish to pass an advanced test, you need synthetic urine with advanced formulation and more ingredients. Testclear Powdered Urine is at the top of the list of such products.

It is easy to use and more importantly, it looks and smells like organic urine. The hallmark feature that makes it a must-buy item is its behavior like that of drug-free urine. It works at a temperature ranging between 92 to 100 F, or 33 to 37 C. You can use this product with confidence as it is ideal for helping you pass sophisticated urine tests.

The standard package of the powdered product comes with many useful accessories. These include a 50-ml plastic vial, a temperature strip, powdered urine, an air-activated heater, and an instruction manual. The air-activated heater remains intact for six hours.

Moreover, you could buy additional heaters while purchasing the product. For a better reading of the temperature, you could also consider buying a digital thermometer. If necessary, you could dilute the product with 50 percent water. Its characteristics do not change even as you dilute it.

The credibility of the product stands out from the fact that it has never failed in any experiment yet. After adding all the above points, it becomes clear why powdered human urine by Testclear is a top-notch product and why it is high in demand for passing advanced laboratory tests. It is not only considered a revolutionary product but also the best alternative to Quick Fix synthetic urine.


Can I pass any screening with the help of Quick Fix synthetic urine?

This product is for pre-employment tests and that too at the basic level. It is useful for an unsupervised drug test. Quick Fix 6.3 Plus, the latest version of the product, provides better outcomes. However, you must follow the Quick Fix 6.3 plus synthetic urine instructions carefully for the desired results.

How is the standard version of Quick Fix different from Quick Fix 6.3 Plus?

Quick Fix synthetic urine has been undergoing ever since its inception. Quick Fix 6.3 Plus is the latest version of synthetic urine with an advanced formulation.  It looks like real human pee and also guarantees desired results, if prepared, by following the usage instructions.

Can both men and women use Quick Fix 6.3 Plus?

Quick Fix 6.3 Plus is unisex, meaning that it is for both male and female individuals.

Do I need to combine anything else with Quick Fix 6.3 plus to use it?

Currently, you need to mix something or the other in the fake pee from other brands. However, Quick Fix 6.3 plus is a premixed product. As a result, you do not need to worry about mixing anything with it.

What is the temperature up to which I can warm up Quick Fix 6.3 Plus?

For the best results, you must warm it up to an adequate temperature. If the temperature of the vial is between 90F and 100F, it is necessary to warm it up in small increments to help it attain the requisite temperature.

Can labs detect Quick Fix 6.3 Plus synthetic urine?

As long as you use it for basic pre-employment tests and prepare it according to the usage instructions, you do not need to worry about its detection. However, a lot depends on the type of testing for which you use the product.

Customer Reviews

Many customers have given their positive opinions in favor of Quick Fix synthetic urine. This proves that they have a favorable impression of the product in their minds and they believe it is the best fake pee for drug test.

Here’s a note of thanks to Quick Fix synthetic urine by a Reddit user. She’s elated as her test results came negative.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review 1

Another buyer Sidz shared his user experience through his comment. According to him, he didn’t know how useful the product would be for him initially. It was due to different views that he came to know about the product on the Internet. However, he decided to listen to his gut feeling and tried the product. He tested negative in a urine drug test conducted by his employer which made him very happy. Thereafter, he gave a thumbs-up to the product and thanked the manufacturer.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review 2

With that said, not all buyers are fully happy with Quick Fix 6.3 Plus by Spectrum Labs. For instance, one of the users is not happy about the high nitrate content of Quick Fix synthetic urine as given below.

By considering the reviews, it can be concluded that the majority of customers are happy with Quick Fix synthetic urine. But mixed reviews from some customers leaves scope for further improvement of the product.

In 2023, most people are likely to ask a pertinent question: “can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023?” The answer to this question in the future will also remain the same in the future unless there is any major change in the formulation. At present, the product is primarily useful for basic tests. It becomes crystal clear from the details of the product and the comments of its users.


On considering all the aspects of Quick Fix synthetic urine, it stands out that it is a quality product. While it has some scope for further improvement, it meets the expectations of the majority of customers. Besides, its price is reasonable for the majority of customers. These features add up to make Quick Fix synthetic urine a reliable fake pee for urinalysis with its reasonable pricing.

Being a unisex product, it is for individuals of both genders. It is easy to prepare and use. Because it is premixed, you do not need to mix the product with anything else to use it. All the ingredients of the product are in the right balance.

So, it does not only look like organic urine but also behaves like it. It is for basic use, so you will get its benefits as long as you use it specifically for this purpose.