SFC is especially conceptualised for schools and carried out as a competition for pupils aged 11 to 14 years. The concept and materials are attractive and can be easily integrated in many different subjects.

Even though the programme is suited to the needs and circumstances in the individual countries, the methods applied are similar in all participating countries. The degree of flexibility placed in a fixed conceptual frame enables comparison and sharing of data and experiences thus contributing to uniformity and consensus of the approach across the states.

All countries agree on a basic set of rules for the project implementation.

  • Classes decide to be a non-smoking class for a period of six months. The programme is carried out as a class activity. All partners point out on their materials that the participation in the programme is voluntary for the pupils and classes.
  • Pupils sign a class contract and an individual contract promising not to smoke during the competition. The contracts serve to underline their commitment.
  • The responsibility for the control of smoking lies mainly with the pupils themselves: pupils monitor their smoking status and report regularly, whether they have smoked or not.
  • Classes which refrain from smoking for that period of time are rewarded: They participate in a national as well as a European prize draw, in which they can win a number of attractive prizes.