• A number of participating countries develop teachers’, and pupils’ brochures giving information about the rules of the competition and advice how to handle problems that could occur during the competition. In addition examples for prevention activities that could be carried out during the competition may be provided with the brochure.
  • Some countries produce parents’ brochures containing information on the competition as well as advice on how to protect their children from Environmental Tobacco Smoke.
  • Newsletters serve to report on activities that can be carried out during the competition and summarise interesting newspaper and magazine articles related non-smoking.
  • The Smokefree Class Competition Brochure. This brochure includes: The Smokefree Class Competition — What is it about?, 10 years of school-based smoking prevention
    in Europe, The concept and theoretical background, The rules, The materials, European dimension, Highlights, Key Community startegies, Scientific work, Publications.
    Download the brochure here (PDF, 1,5 MB).

Materials from different countries