Top Synthetic Urine Kit: Clear Choice Quick Luck for Drug Test Success

There is one clear choice for the top synthetic urine product to pass a drug test. You don’t need to read numerous reviews—I’ll explain the #1 kit right now.

Quick Fix

Why Quick Luck is the Best Premixed Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine is very similar to the previous top product, Sub Solution. But Quick Luck’s premixed formula makes it #1 for ease of use.

Sub Solution: Formerly the Best Powdered Synthetic Urine

Key Benefits of Sub Solution:

  • Doesn’t contain detectable biocide preservatives
  • Resembles human urine in look, foam, and scent
  • Contains 14 common urinary chemicals
  • Balanced for creatinine, urea, uric acid, pH, and gravity

With its advanced heat activator powder for temperature control, Sub Solution used to be the top synthetic urine brand.

The Downside:

Sub Solution is a powder requiring hydration before use. This process is inconvenient compared to premixed formulas.

Why Quick Luck is Now Considered Superior

Quick Luck is made by the same trusted Clear Choice company as Sub Solution. It matches Sub Solution’s chemical composition exactly. However, Quick Luck comes premixed for convenience.

This ready-to-use format makes Quick Luck the ideal choice for unplanned, short-notice drug tests. With Sub Solution powder, you risk sample spoilage if more than 6 hours pass after hydrating.

Quick Luck removes this worry by arriving premixed. For unexpected tests, just activate the heat powder and you’re set. This simplicity and reliability is why Quick Luck is now ranked the #1 synthetic urine kit.

Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix: Why Quick Luck is the Superior Synthetic Urine

Comparing Quick Luck to Quick Fix synthetic urine is like comparing a racecar to a Toyota Prius. Sure, they both serve the same basic function, but one offers a vastly superior experience.

Feature Quick Luck Quick Fix
Formula 14+ chemicals, matches human urine Basic chemicals only
Scent Authentic Unrealistic
Foaming Yes No
Temperature Control Heat activator powder Unreliable heat pads
Price Approximately $100 $30-$40

As the table illustrates, while Quick Fix is a lower-cost option, Quick Luck offers superior quality when it comes to accurately mimicking human urine’s characteristics and maintaining the necessary temperature range for drug test validity. This makes Quick Luck the preferred choice for reliability, despite its higher price tag.

The Limitations of Quick Fix

While Quick Fix resembles urine visually, it lacks the key features of Quick Luck:

  • No authentic urine scent
  • Does not foam like real urine
  • Only contains basic chemicals like creatinine and urea
  • Requires unreliable heating pads to maintain temperature

Heating pads often fail to keep synthetic urine within the acceptable 90°F – 100°F range. Temperatures outside this range will lead to rejected samples.

What Makes Quick Luck Superior

Quick Luck stands apart from all competitors but Sub Solution in two key ways:

  1. Advanced Heat Activator Powder – This provides reliable, adjustable heat to get the sample to the perfect temperature moments before testing.
  2. Complex Formula – In addition to visual and scent authenticity, Quick Luck contains a complete 14-chemical urine profile to match human urine.

Quick Luck Directions

Thanks to the heat activator powder, preparing Quick Luck is simple:

  • Tap in 1/4 of the powder, and shake gently until dissolved
  • Monitor temperature strip, add more powder if needed
  • Carefully heat the sample to as close to 100°F as possible
  • Conceal on the person and submit the sample within the temperature window

With this easy process, Quick Luck offers reliable success even for unexpected, last-minute drug tests.

Hiding Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests

You may face different types of supervised testing when submitting a urine sample:

  • Unsupervised – behind a screen with no observation
  • Partially Supervised – someone is in the room but not watching directly
  • Fully Observed – directly watched while urinating

When to Use Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine can only be used safely for unsupervised drug tests. This is fortunately the most common situation.

For unsupervised tests:

  • You will not be intimately searched beforehand
  • You can conceal the sample in your underwear/crotch area
  • The body heat will help maintain the sample temperature
  • Pour the sample into a cup privately behind a barrier

Will Synthetic Urine Pass Any Drug Test?

It’s a myth you need more scrutiny-resistant urine for higher panel tests. All urine samples face the same validation process:

  1. Temperature check
  2. Basic validity checks (nitrates, pH, creatinine)
  3. Immunoassay drug panel

Top-quality synthetic urine like Quick Luck simply needs to:

  • Fall in the proper 90°-100°F temperature range
  • Contain expected chemicals like creatinine
  • Lack of drug metabolites to pass the immunoassay

As long as you take care handling the sample, high-quality premixed urine should pass even extensive lab panel testing. The analysis process is very standardized.

Where to Buy Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Any honest synthetic urine review will conclude Quick Luck is the best product available. You can only purchase directly from Clear Choice, but it’s worth it for the quality. At around $100, Quick Luck costs more than alternatives, but it delivers premium reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Synthetic Urine

Any Female Synthetic Urine Device?

You can buy tube and tap urine belt dispensers for synthetic urine. The idea is that you strap it to you, and can then sit in a natural position to dispense it.

However, there is a huge problem with this which you need to understand:

  • If it’s an unsupervised drug test, the only situation in which you should be submitting fake urine, then nobody is going to be looking at you anyway, as you don’t need to be sitting in the natural position.
  • If it’s a supervised/observed test, then someone is going to be in the room with you. Even if not directly staring at you, they are going to see you fiddling around with tap in tube in your crotch. It would be absolute madness to attempt it.
  • If you are facing a supervised drug test as a female, then you need to use a detox drink alongside a couple of days of detoxification, it’s the only realistic strategy, and using a urine device is a really bad idea.

How Long Does Fake Pee Stay Warm?

Fake urine will only stay warm (between 90°F – 100°F) for as long as it’s kept within an ambient temperature around those levels.

To keep it warm:

  • Live somewhere warm
  • Prepare it properly
  • Use high-quality heat pads
  • Use heat activator powder (best option)

The absolute best way to maintain temperature is to use Sub Solution or Quick Luck. These use patented heat activator powder instead of heat pads.  You simply:

  1. Tap powder into the sample
  2. Gently shake until dissolved
  3. Watch temperature rise to 90°F – 100°F
  4. Submit a sample within the ideal range

Can Urine Test Tell Between Male and Female Urine?

It is illegal to test DNA during standard drug testing. Therefore, there is absolutely no way that they can determine the gender of the sample submitter.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix urine can be bought locally or online for $30 – $40. Although Quick Luck is more expensive, they offer:

  • More complex 14+ chemical formulas
  • Heat activator powder for better temperature control
  • More authentic urine characteristics


In conclusion, for those seeking synthetic urine to pass a drug test, the choice ultimately comes down to quality or price. Quick Fix appeals on the cost front at $30-$40, while Quick Luck justifies its premium $100 price through vastly superior accuracy and reliability. With its advanced chemical formula, authentic characteristics, and temperature control powder mimicking real urine, Quick Luck removes the gamble and uncertainty surrounding cheaper blends. Yes, you pay more upfront, but you reap rewards through its lifelike qualities sustaining scrutiny even under stringent analysis like lab testing. When your reputation or livelihood depends on the outcome, Quick Luck warrants the extra cost to assure accuracy necessary for passing unscathed.

Some key points covered in the conclusion:

  • Summarize the choice between quality (Quick Luck) and price (Quick Fix)
  • Note Quick Luck’s significantly higher cost
  • Emphasize benefits that justify the cost differential
  • Discuss how it removes gamble/uncertainties in testing scenarios
  • Reference importance of passing testing for strong consequence cases
  • Conclude Quick Luck is preferable for high-stakes situations despite cost

The goal is to drive home the key learning that the quality and performance differences between these two major synthetic urine products warrant Quick Luck’s higher price tag for most end-users facing the possibility of serious reprisals for failed tests.